History Of Ramen

It started in 1958

Ando's company, Nissin, started it all with the instant "Nissin Chiken Ramen" in 1958 and in 1971, introduced the Nissin Cup Noodles.


So why is Nong Shim a best seller now?


So this is my story of what I heard from people and info I received from 15 years working in the ramen industry.

Korea also wanted make quick ramen, so the government sent 2 men to Japan to get this technology.

So after a few years, Samyang ramen was introduced to Korea in 1963

After that, others came along 

Well, for me I got introduced to Samyang ramen in 1991 and I had some great times there with some bumps along the way

Since 1999, ramencity.com went through a lot of bad times, but Hans, "The Instant Noodles Reviewer" is still going strong since 2002, when he had listed ramencity.com as link to purchase ramen...now we both bow down to Amazon.  Check his website, TheRamenrater, for his exotic reviews all sorts of Asian ramen.

If you are not near a Real Ramen Restaurant, then you may want to order Ramen Hero

Now trying to keep with up with new trends is difficult, but I'm trying...I still have to try and make the Tiktok ramen